Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is the world's most widely practised method of Yoga. BKS Iyengar’s contribution is unique in “transforming yoga from a mystical secret practice, into a science, therapy and art accessible to everyone.”  [more]

BKS Iyengar’s thorough study, understanding and mastery of Yoga has left a solid legacy. His influence spread through a number of publications, the first was Light on Yoga [1966] which was a best seller. However it was a meeting with the violinist Yehudi Menuhin in 1952 which led to Mr Iyengar's eventual international recognition. It was Yehudi Menuhin who arranged for Mr Iyengar to teach abroad in London, Switzerland and Paris. It is hard to imagine that this was the first time that many Westerners had been exposed to yoga.

Today BKS Iyengar is still active in helping to set and maintain international Iyengar Yoga teacher training standards. Students are taught how the elements of the body -  the breath system, nervous system, psychological system have to be harmonised in the practice of asanas [poses].  His innovations have “ensured an excellence in the technique of asana],” and are reflected in the very highest standard of teacher training  [more]